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The Wood Neuk is an enterprise run by David Lightly from a workshop in the heart of the Scottish Borders, specialising in the design and making of high-quality bespoke furniture. Their furniture is made using premium grade native hardwoods including Elm and Oak which they take pride in sourcing themselves.

The Woodneuk furniture, best described as functional art, is lovingly crafted by hand at their studio in the village of Blainslie near Lauder. This website is designed to aid the understanding of how each piece of furniture is conceived along with keeping you updated with the latest news and events. Examples of furniture available to purchase are also included.

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Although we have some set designs, we regularly create pieces of furniture which are truly unique, and if looked after, will be enjoyed by many generations. Our speculative creations are available to buy in our studio in Blainslie and in chosen galleries.

Sail Seat


Large Burr Elm Dining Table


Burr Elm Tallboy Chest of Drawers


Wood Neuk Beds


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Explore our Burr Elm Wood Sculptures

Burr Elm is a rare type of wood in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. The wood rare and highly sought after due to dutch elm disease in the 1960’s.

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